About us

We Karl, Helga and Peter Hinterholzer are Namibians with german roots. Our family have been living in the Erongo Crater for more than 80 years. We have cultivated and managed the farms Ekuta and Otjimisauna, an area of about 36 500 acres, with a passion for nature.

Since 1998 we have concentrated exclusively on the endemic wildlife and it's sustainability. By preserving the habitat we were able to ensure growing wildlife despite periodic droughts.

Erongo Lodge was started in 1996 by Peter Hinterholzer.

Our Team

    Our Nature

    A phenomenon close to a volcanic eruption, formed the Erongo mountain range eons ago. This aera offers a unique experience of nature.

    The elevated central crater is surrounded by steep mountains. The Hohenstein, the highest peak of the Erongo, reaches a height of 7 600 feet above sea level.

    Because of this topogaphy rainfall is relatively abundant. The special landscape has always attracted wildlife and humans. Proof for this are the numerous rock art sites.

    Acacia savannah covers large parts of the Erongo. Vegetation consists of low bushes, shrubs and savannah grass. Various vegetation zones offers ideal habitat for game, plants and birds.