Personal guest- and Hunting Farm in the Erongo Crater

Go for a holiday or hunting in one of the most beautiful areas of Namibia, i.e. the erongo crater. Experience unforgettable days in the mountains of the singing rock and discover a multitude of rock paintings.

The small, familiy owned lodge with five bungalows and a spacious communal building is situated on the farms Ekuta and Otjimisaua. The whole complex nestles graciously in its natural surroundings where you live close to nature.

About us

We, Helga and Karl Hinterholzer are German speaking Namibians. Our family has been living in the Erongo Mountains for more than 80 years. We have cultivated and managed the two farms Ekuta and Otjimisauna, an area of about 12 000 ha, with a passionate regard for nature.


    The Erongo Lodge lies on the banks of the Otjimporo river in a wide plain surrounded by mountain ranges. The isolated location offers ideal conditions for a relaxing stay.


      Here you can hunt for endemic wild life. The Erongo mountains are well known for capital trophies.

        Fair Hunt

        We are a member of the Namibian professional hunting guide union NAPHA.


          We offer a variety of interesting activities covering action, relaxation and culture.