Conservation hunting

The Erongo mountains are well known for excellent quality trophies. Here you can hunt for endemic wild life. We are members of NAPHA. We always strive to accommodate your individual requests and needs. We welcome new and experienced hunters.

You profit from the extensive knowledge of your hunting guide Peter Hinterholzer.

Hunting ground

The hunting grounds of about 36 500 acres cover the farms Otjimisauna and Ekuta . The area consists of plains, fringed and partly bisected by steep mountain ranges. This topography results in a variety of landscape  features and habitats. Gentle hills, water holes and river banks provide adequate food and cover. Small koppies gives one a good view over landscape and game. Additionally we hunt for exotic game on 50 000 acres concession area.

Fair Hunt

We are a member of the Namibian Professional Hunters Association NAPHA.



      The hunters listed here are happy to provide information. We will give you the contact details on request.

      Derek Edgley / Scotland
      Dr. Michael Rohrhurst / Germany
      Andreas Ils / Germany
      Christopher Prodinger / Germany
      Dirk Güldenstein / Germany
      Dorian Jacobs / Germany
      Franz Romig / Germany
      John Peters / Germany
      Hans und Petra Endres / Germany
      Steffen Röber / Germany
      Ulrich Kochan / Germany
      Heinrich Ernst / Germany
      Bea Sczygiel / Germany
      Heiko Granzin / Germany
      Dennis R. / Germany
      Andy Mikek / USA


      non hunter
      120,- US$/Day

      children from 6-16 years
      75,- US$/Day

      children under 6 years
      free of charge

      400,- US$ flat-rate for up to 4 people
      800,- US$ flat-rate for 5-max. 8 people

      1:1 per hunter
      290,- US$/Day

      2:1 per hunter
      250,- US$/Day

      day of rest
      120,- US$/Day

      day of arrival
      55,- US$/Day

      day of departure
      55,- US$/Day

      These prices include the following:
      Full board and lodging, daily laundry service, mineral water for in the bush, an excursion to the „singing rock“ and rock paintings, a sundown trip to one of the Erongo mountains and hunting excursions. On hunting days accompaniment by professional, state certified hunting guides, all terrain vehicle, hunting licence, insurance and primary trophy preparation are included in the prices.

      These prices do not include:
      Beverages consumed in the lodge and possible gratitudes for staff.



        We suggest olive green or other camouflage clothing. Please avoid light colours. Short as well as long trousers and shirts are suitable. For the cold winter months warm jackets and pullovers are recommended. Hats, sun lotion and comfortable and robust boots for the bush, binoculars, hunting knive and camera should definitely be part of your gear. We provide distance measuring devices,and gun supports.

        Please ensure adequate insurance cover for your hunting gear. It is recommended to insure your luggage and to take out an accident insurance.

        All gun calibers from 7 mm Remington Magnum upwards are suitable. We recommend you bring your own favourite gun and a maximum of 60 bullets of the corresponding caliber. It is advisable to bring hard ammunition for the hard African game. An internationally valid licence and proof of ownership of your gun are required. Bring your guns in a suitable gun case. An import licence is required. For this you can download the form from here. Email this to the Namibian Police ( This faciltates the formalities at the Windhoek Airport. It is not permitted to import hand guns and semiautomatic weapons.

        A written justification is required for bringing in a silencer.

        The following guns are available for rent:

        > Blaser R93, caliber 8 x 68S
        > Steyr Mannlicher, caliber .308

        Hunting Season

        For trophy hunting in Namibia  the Ministry of the Environment and Tourism has designated  the period 1st February to 30th November both dates inclusive.